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“Barred owl” is an original linocut print.

With its piercing yellow eyes, haunting call, and silent flight, the Barred Owl commands attention and instills a sense of awe in all who observe it. While common in north east Oklahoma, sightings are not so frequent. 

Height: 24”
Width: 18”
Handmade Linocut Lino print
Limited edition of 30 prints, signed titled and numbered on the front.

White Strathmore paper, 120 gsm, 18x24”
Dark yellow and black block printing ink

** Each print may show slight variations in density and details, because each print is unique and hand-made. **

**If you would like to purchase two or more prints, message me for shipping options**

If you would like to see more of my work, please follow me on Instagram: @candacee.white

Barred Owl Print

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