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Judith Beheading Holofernes

Many great artists, from Caravaggio to Boticelli have been inspired to depict a scene from the famous story of Judith. Dozens of depictions of the story have been made throughout history. 

Judith was a beautiful and wise widow living in Bethulia. She was said to fear God greatly. When her city came under siege by an evil Assyrian general named Holofernes, the elders of the city met to discuss it. They concluded that there was nothing to be done, but let God take care of them. Judith, being a God fearing woman, agreed, however added that they could take action, knowing that God was on their side. Judith entered the Assyrian camp in the night with her maid and seduced Holofernes to drink until he was drunk. She then took her sword and cut off his head. This single act caused the Assyrians to give up their siege on Bethulia and thus saved her city and her people.

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